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Say It With Love!

[Officiant Services]

Custom Crafted Ceremonies

All Couples are Special!

 Each couple is unique and so is their wedding day!   

That means elements that might affect price can vary, so for a more accurate quote we recommend a quick phone consultation.

No matter how big your guest list is we always:​

Provide unlimited scheduled phone or video consultations

Provide you with a draft for your review and comment

Officiate your wedding ceremony 

File your license**

Provide you with a beautifully customized keepsake marriage certificate

Provide a beautiful keepsake copy of your ceremony script


Two Please!

~If this special day is just for the two of you,

rates begin at $200.00*~


Intimate Ceremonies

~For smaller intimate ceremonies with just a couple of your closest friends and family

(up to 20 guests),  $225.00*~ $300.00


Engaging Events

~If you plan to celebrate with more than just a couple of your closest friends and family~ 

(21-75 guests) $300.00~ $375.00


​A Grand Soiree

~If you plan to celebrate with all of your closest friends and family ~

(76+ guests) rates are quoted, but begin at begin at  $375.00~



~Rates begin at $150.00*~


​​Let's Do It Again! - Vow Renewal

~Rates begin at $250.00*~

Lapel microphone with amp available for locations that provide ceremony-site electrical access.   $150.00


~Travel fees applied to areas outside of Palm Beach or Martin County~


*=Does not include a custom crafted script,

**=Licenses will be returned to the issuing county courthouse via regular mail


All rates are based on a non-refundable deposit and are subject to change without a signed service agreement.

Your (Virtual) Wedding Bestie

[Virtual Wedding Assistant]

No fun dealing with the pesky little details?  Let us help!

If you're a little stuck with where to begin, or just don't have the time or interest to pull this glorious day altogether, we'd love to help!  From trusted recommendations to gathering quotes and contacts and permit applications, let Gracefully Wed be your feet on the street so you can relax and look forward to your wedding day!  


Custom Proposals, based on your needs starting at


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